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We are here to help you heal.


HAVEN in Lee County, Inc. provides shelter and hope for people experiencing domestic violence and sexual abuse.

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Are you safe?

You have a right to be safe. Our Crisis Line is always available 24/7 to provide resources for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. 

We're Here for You

Helping people heal from abuse as we work to end domestic violence and sexual assault through community, education, intervention, and prevention.


HAVEN is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization committed to providing safety to victims and survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. Supported by state and federal grants, United Way of Lee County, foundations, and the generosity of community members, churches, civic organizations, small businesses and large corporations, HAVEN works with partner organizations to help create violence-free relationships and a violence-free community. HAVEN is the only confidential domestic violence and sexual assault victim services agency and shelter serving all of Lee County. 

A Hug

Give Hope

Can you volunteer your time? Could you support us financially? HAVEN offers a comprehensive array of trauma-informed programs for individuals and families impacted by domestic abuse. We need your help.

“My confidence, self-esteem, and personality got beaten out of me.  There was no light at the end of the tunnel.  Or, so I thought…"
“HAVEN gave us food, clothing and a safe place to stay. There were even school supplies for my kids”
"The world is brighter and happier place for me and my children.  So take heart.  There is a way out."
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